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Welcome to Strategic Outcomes

Welcome to Strategic Outcomes

We were a UK-based ArmA clan with members across Europe and America dedicated to teamwork and tactical realism while maintaining a fun, relaxed gaming environment.


Strategic Outcomes has officially shutdown. 

All the member have moved on to other clans, games or activities. 

I (Zach) am reactivating the forums to see if there is anyone about still, and may re purpose them as a hub to link to other gaming communities with similar idioms.

We use a variety of game mods that improve immersion and game play.  All our mods can be easily managed by installing Play withSix then clicking on the game banners below. 

This will keep your mods up-to-date and connect to our server automatically.  You can also find our servers by filtering for =SO=.

We host events at least once a week, and anyone we have met via our TeamSpeak are welcome to sign up and attend. These can be found on the Events tab above and in the News section below on this page.

Our members are happy to assist new players to ArmA and don't take themselves too seriously.